Biodata of Iraide Ibarretxe

Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano (PhD, 1999, University of Edinburgh) is a Professor of General Linguistics at the University of Zaragoza and a Researcher at the Institute for Heritage and Humanities (IPH-U. Zaragoza). She is an elected Fellow of The Academy of Europe (Linguistics Section). Her research explores the relationship between language, cognition, and communication from typological and psycholinguistic perspectives. Her work has focused on semantic typology (including lexicalization and polysemy), ideophones and sound symbolism, and the connections between metaphor, embodiment, and culture.

Ibarretxe-Antuñano has (co-)published over a hundred works, including 64 journal articles, 84 book chapters, and 11 books. Notable publications include “Cognitive Linguistics and Translation: Advances in some theoretical models and applications” (2013, Mouton de Gruyter), “To be or not to be a word” (2015, CSP), “Space and motion across languages” (2017, Benjamins), “Lingüística cognitiva y español LE/L2” (2019, Routledge), and “Lenguaje y cognición” (2021, Síntesis).

She currently leads the Action group at the Iberus Campus, ICON (Iberus COgnition in actioN), and the research projects MultiMetAR (Multimodal metaphor in the languages of Aragón; Government of Aragón, LMP143_21) and MOTIV (Motivation, iconicity, and arbitrariness in the processing of multimodal language; Spanish Research Agency, PID2021-123302NB-I00). Ibarretxe-Antuñano is among the top 10% of the most cited researchers in Spain.