Biodata of Nicole Delbecque

Nicole Delbecque is professor emeritus of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) and a corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy. She is particularly interested in the interface between constructional meaning, lexical-conceptual meaning, and discursive-pragmatic meaning. Adopting a cognitive and functional corpus-based approach, she mainly focuses on perspectival variation associated with information structure phenomena such as thematic relations, linear order, constructional alternations, and verbal and prepositional polysemy, as well as polyfunctional discourse markers.

Among her contributions to journals and thematic volumes since the turn of the millennium are: “Las cópulas ser y estar. Categorización frente a deixis” (2000), “A construction grammar approach to transitivity in Spanish” (2002), “Verbos de respuesta: análisis léxico-construccional” (2004), “Ya: Aclaración cognitiva de su uso y función” (2006), “Spanish (de)queísmo: part/whole alternation and viewing arrangement” (2008), “Passive Voice and Causal Roles in Spanish” (2014), “Variable aspectual coercion in Spanish fictive motion expressions” (2015), “Cuantificación y aspecto en la frase nominal [un caudal de N]” (2017), “The grammar-lexicon interface of reflexively marked semi-auxiliary constructions in Spanish and French” (2018), “Hirviendo, ardiendo y colgando en alternancia con hirviente, ardiente y colgante como modificador nominal” (2018), and “Expresión reflexiva versus no reflexiva del movimiento en español: una cuestión de perspectiva” (2021).

For a detailed bibliography, see her ORCID profile.