The International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (ICMF) has been regularly organized every three years since 1977. The last conference, the 15th ICMF, was held in Paris (France), from July 8 to 12, 2019, and the 16th ICMF was originally planned for the year 2022. However, as a consequence of the global pandemic situation, the Steering Committee decided to postpone the 16th ICMF for one year. Thus, the 16th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids is scheduled to be held in Granada (Spain), from June 12 to 16, 2023, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Granada.

As in previous ICMF conferences, we will welcome researchers involved in the science of magnetic fluid, at large, from liquid dispersions to more complex systems such as magnetorheological fluids, magnetic gels, biocolloidal systems, etc. We will be delighted to meet you all in person in 2023 in Granada.


  • Advanced design and synthesis of magnetic particles and magnetic fluids
  • Active magnetic colloids and soft magnetic systems
  • Theory, statistical mechanics, and modeling of complex magnetic fluids
  • Magnetic and physical properties of ferrofluids and soft magnetic matter
  • Rheology and structures of magnetic fluids and suspensions
  • Mass and energy transfer in magnetic colloids and complex fluids
  • Free surface phenomena and ferrohydrodynamics
  • Nanoparticles applied to life science (imaging, drug delivery, hyperthermia, vectorization, tracking…)
  • Engineering applications for energy
  • Environmental applications


Modesto T. López López

Modesto T. López López


Laura Rodríguez Arco

Scientific Secretary

Imagen - Ana Belén Bonhome Espinosa

Ana Belén Bonhome Espinosa

Program Secretary

Fernando González Caballero

Ángel V. Delgado Mora

Juan D.G. Durán

María L. Jiménez Olivares

Luis Álvarez de Cienfuegos

Silvia Alejandra Ahualli Yapur

Guillermo Ramón Iglesias Salto

Raúl Alberto Rica Alarcón

Antonio Luis Medina Castillo

María del Carmen Mañas Torres

Cristina Gila Vílchez

Alberto León Cecilla

Francisco Jesús Vázquez Pérez

Alfredo Escribano Huesca

Marina Lázaro Callejón

Pablo Lupiañez Escobar

Imagen - no disponible

Zhila Shaterabadi


Active members

  • Stefan Odenbach (Chairman), TU Dresden, Germany
  • Antonio M. Figueiredo Neto (Vice-Chairman), University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Peter Kopcansky, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic
  • Rajendra Prasad Pant, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India
  • Mikhail S. Krakov, Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus
  • Christine Ménager, Sorbonne Université, France
  • Yuriy L. Raikher, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Russia
  • Ladislau Vekás, Romanian Academy, Romania
  • Markus Zahn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Andrey Y. Zubarev, Ural Federal University, Russia
  • Yasushi Ido, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Modesto T. Lopez-Lopez, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Honorary members

  • Ronald E. Rosensweig, USA
  • Elmars Blums, Latvia
  • Fernando González Caballero, Spain
  • Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Mark I. Shliomis, Israel
  • Rasbindu Mehta, India