WELCOME DESK (Main foyer)

Welcome desk will be open as indicated below:

  • Monday, 12 June: 11:00h–12:30h; 14:30h-19:30h
  • Tuesday, 13 June: 8:30h–12:45h; 14:15h-16:30h
  • Wednesday, 14 June: 8:30h–12:45h; 14:15h-18:15h
  • Thursday, 15 June: 8:30h–12:45h; 14:15h-18:45h
  • Friday, 16 July: 9:00h–12:45h; 14:15h-17:45h


For all participants

  • Upon your arrival at the conference venue, you should go to the welcome desk to collect your welcome bag and other related materials.

For oral presenters

  • Please, bring a copy of your PowerPoint or PDF presentation to the conference on a USB stick and provide it to the technician before the sessions start, in the day in which your talk is scheduled.
  • You should arrive at the presentation room 15 minutes prior to the first presentation in that session and make yourself known to the session Chair.
  • Your presentation will last 12 minutes (35 minutes for the Plenary Lecturers, 22 minutes for Keynote Speakers). The Questions & Answers sessions should not exceed 2 minutes (5 minutes for the Plenary Lecturers and 3 minutes for the Keynote Speakers).

For poster presenters

  • Your poster shall have a vertical or “portrait” orientation and be at A0 Format: 841 x 1189 mm. Please, bring the hard-copy of your poster to the conference.
  • Your poster will be identified by a number that will be used to identify the board in which it should be hung. You should hang the poster yourself in the morning of your poster session and remove it at the end of the poster session.