Prof. Pietro Tierno

University of Barcelona, Spain

Keynote Lecture: Magnetic colloidal currents generated via exchange dynamics in a broken dimer state

Dr. Pietro Tierno is full professor at the condensed matter physics department in the university of Barcelona (UB) since 2021. He received a PhD in natural science from the University of Ulm in 2005. After two post-doctoral stages at Florida State University and at the UB, he became “Ramon y Cajal” researcher at UB in 2011, and associate professor in 2017.  
He is the PI of the magnetic soft matter group which has been created thanks to European funding (ERC CoG, StG, FetOpen), Spanish (MEC) and Catalan one (SGR). His current research interests focus on self-propelling particle systems, manipulation of colloids via magnetic or optical forces and geometric frustration phenomena.